Walleye fishing manitoba canada

World record walleyes and channel cats!



The lakes and rivers of southern Manitoba offer some of the finest trophy walleye fishing in the world!

Netley marsh is one largest and most active wetlands in Canada.

On the the shores of Medicine Creek, our double A-frame b&b provides cozy, private rooms.


While the Red River record has remained at 39 inches for the past 3 or 4 years, it has steadily been inching toward world record sizes, which would be around 22lbs. With multiple 18's caught in the past decade, it appears very likely that the next record will very likely come out of either the Red River or Lake Winnipeg.

Our success with trophy walleye speaks for itself. Each of our guides has over 30 years experience fishing this area, so we know the community holes and the areas where no one fishes!

The fishery has been outstanding over the past few years and we are expecting more of the same for next season. By the way, our season never really ends, as the area boasts some spectacular ice fishing as well.

We cater to couples, families and the serious fisherman.


The Pro V and the Fish hawk provide a comfortable and solid fishing experience for our guests


Generally we would fish two guests per boat. A normal day would consist of a 6:30 breakfast, then hitting the water by sun up and being back for a 7:00 dinner. Of course, we can work the schedule around your needs. For more info please email me


A nice Channel cat caught from the dock

For walleye, primary methods used in the region are jigging with live or salted minnows and trolling crankbaits. Obviously many of the other popular methods work too! For example; bottom bouncers with spinner rigs can be a nice compromise between trolling cranks and jigging baits. The moderate speed allows you to cover water while still presenting an easy target for a wary walleye.


The Selkirk Interlake region features a number of rivers and creeks which flow into Lake Winnipeg. Outside of the Great Lakes, Lake Winnipeg is the largest freshwater lake in North America. Known for centuries as a walleye factory, the lake and its tributaries support a huge variety of fish including, channel catfish, northern pike, smallmouth, and lake sturgeon to just name a few.

Medicine Wavey and Netley Creek themselves have good spring time pike, summer catfish and crappies and fall walleyes. The big draw in the region however, is the spring cats and the fall walleyes migrating up the Red River. Our location is perfect for access to both these areas. Within minutes you can be on the "up north" flats, where many of the Reds famous "greenbacks" hang out feeding on schools of shiners and smelt also moving into the rivers from the lake. Within five or six miles we have the Selkirk - Lockport area with its rocky shoals and high current areas.

With hundreds of miles of rivers and creeks to explore, it is very advantagous to have an experienced local guide. I believe our fishing package offers incredible value in addition to a world class fishing adventure.netle

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2016 fishing package pricing


5 night, 4.5 day----$895

4 night, 3.5 day----$795

3 night 2.5 day----$650

2 night, 1.5 day----$500

Included---accommodations, breakfast, boat, fuel, guides, gear (if needed).

Extras include licenses (approx.$25)

Check in 3:00pm

Check out 1:00pm

A deposit of $200 per person is required to hold the spot and refundable up to 60 days prior. Funds listed are in USD.




full day for 2------$300

half day for 2-----$200


Out trips


these are remote locations, so prices vary depending on location and gear.